Islam and American Family Values

An interesting little site called “Ladies Against Feminism” - a call from some rather quaint-sounding ladies apparently in Oregon to give up their trousers and become housewives, among other things - has published an article by one J. Grant Swank, Jr, a lying Bush propagandist, sorry, conservative journo, and pastor in the “New Hope Church”, about the appalling situation of women in Afghanistan. There is no doubting that the situation is appalling, and in fact most of his article is the work of Amnesty International. You can read the full report here. As might be expected from this duckspeaker - and what a doubleplusgood duckspeaker he is - he fails to realise how this situation came about. In case you weren’t listening in 2001, as it seems Swank wasn’t (and what sort of name is Swank anyway), the USA invaded Afghanistan, which was mostly run by the tyrannical but stable Taliban regime, installed a president who is now known as the Mayor of Kabul, and the various militia groups which the Taliban got rid of. As has happened in Iraq, tyranny was replaced by lawlessness and the situation for women, in particular, got worse rather than better. But everyone was happy because people could get their TVs out and play their music again.

We all know that family values are very dear to these conservatives, but when their commitments are put to the test we find them all to be as much hot air as the US constitution itself. The latest victim of America’s post-9/11 vindictive racism is Amina Silmi, a mother of three US citizens whose husband was deported to the Middle East. Apparently the US’s immigration laws make absolutely no allowance for parents of citizens, even if they are children with special needs, and this lady is to be deported to Venezuela where she was born, yet has no home, job nor relatives. You can find reams of garbage written by Swank (and others like him) about Islam and how, according to them, it supports murder, terrorism and abuse of women. Those of us who know Islam properly know that it does not condone banditry - unlike Bush, who intervenes in the bandits’ favour, and we also know that it enjoins us over and over again to honour our parents and other elders, and treat women and children well. The unbelievers, on the other hand, think nothing of separating a mother from her children for petty political reasons. Shame on them.

(Update 5th February: CAIR has reported that officials put a brake on the deportation as Ms Silmi was in Atlanta en route to Venezuela. So there is still hope of keeping this family together, but it speaks volumes that powerful people care nothing about breaking up families.)

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