Peter Bowditch and Roy Meadow

The “Millenium Project” has got to be one of the most odious little websites ever published, and this guy seems to think he’s the most rational dude out there. This website (despite its occasional attacks on racism and Holocaust denial) is mostly about defending the medical establishment, or rather, defaming anyone who criticises it. Millenium is not a spelling mistake - it’s a pun on “millennium”, and if you take one of the Ns out of annus (meaning year) you’ll get what this guy thinks of anyone who disagrees with him. On his “anti-vaccination liars” page you’ll find the anti-MMR mob, for instance. Most of these people are not against vaccinations per se, they just oppose giving little children a jab which has been linked (even if without certainty) to autism and bowel disease. People want to protect their children and who is Bowditch to call such a person an a***hole? The entirety of alternative medicine is quackery, according to him, and opposing flouridating the drinking water (which makes people ill) comes under “dentistry fraud”.

Last Saturday, this moron posted an article to his front-page blog about Roy Meadow - the guy who put several women in jail in the UK and tore families apart up and down the country by standing up in court and giving false statistics about child murder. Bowditch does not mention this; he only says that he “acts as an expert witness for the prosecution in Shaken Baby Syndrome trials” and is thus a hate figure for anti-vaccination liars, who insist that the real culprit is vaccines. This is a complete load of nonsense. Roy Meadows is a hate figure because he gave false testimony which put innocent women in jail and splits apart families unnecessarily. Three women were cleared last year, two of them after spending years in jail on the grounds of Meadows’ dodgy evidence (and none of them were anything to do with Shaken Baby Syndrome). Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy may well exist, but this doesn’t mean that anyone accused of it is guilty, or that it can’t be used for spurious and/or malicious prosecutions by arrogant doctors and lawyers and others who, like Bowditch, apparently have nothing better to do.

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