Daily Express – same old garbage

As might be expected from a newspaper owned by porn baron Richard Desmond, the Daily Express once again went for the lowest common denominator in its coverage of the EU expansion issue. It was reported yesterday that politicians want restrictions placed on immigration from the new EU members in Eastern Europe (from Estonia down to Hungary) for seven years, as was the case when Spain, Portugal and Greece joined. The UK was supposedly the only country which has not imposed such restrictions (actually, France has not imposed any either, and others are allowing a few thousand a year). In fact, there are two major differences between the UK and Germany. One is that the UK does not face the reunification issue, and the other is that the UK has not actually lost territory to Poland within living memory (pre-war German territory extended all the way to Klaipeda in Lithuania, with only one break to allow Poland access to the sea). All this is lost on the Daily Express which peddles its usual crude scaremongering about a “Gypsy horde” which might flood into the UK if no restrictions are implemented. The continual anti-immigrant diatribe issued by the Daily Express over the last couple of years is sickening, but what is more so is that the government is seriously considering changing its policies to appease a shrill gutter rag like the Express. This country needs immigrants to do jobs the English despise, like wiping their grandmothers’ backsides, cleaning the streets, and shifting food up and down the country (go and take a look at New Covent Garden Market in London at 4 in the morning if you don’t believe me). When the Polish government gets the money to build decent roads, one would expect that most of their workers would go back and build them.

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