The MS Desperation Tour

While it’s still the 11th, I thought I should say something about the MS “100% Inspiration” tour which I mentioned earlier in the blog. They did a lecture followed by a lab session, but the lecture was basically a sales pitch rather than a recruitment session. I don’t think I’d work for Microsoft anyway unless I was really desperate, but it was disappointing. I’m not convinced that all these new frameworks they are bringing in will be of benefit to the customer rather than the programmer, once he’s paid through the nose for the programming tools. For one thing, they are compiled to “byte code”, which may be a cut above interpreting a script, but it’s still interpreted. And the guy had a very strong accent (Scottish or perhaps Northern Irish) and talked fast, which I could understand, but a lot of the audience probably couldn’t. Something they should think about when they are choosing their salesmen.

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