Nothing much happened today :-)

Just writing to keep the blog active, really. Nothing happened which really got me going like the French headscarf thing. Went into Kingston, had a vegetarian breakfast at the Algerian cafe near the station, went to college, found that the girls I’m working with on my college project weren’t there, dropped them a line, went back into town, went back into college, then back into town, then to my aunt Pauline’s place, then home. In between my college project, I’m currently writing a rebuttal of a really stupid article by Eric Raymond, who is thought of as some sort of guru by some sections in the tech community, but who produced a really stupid “Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto” after 9/11. “Idiotarianism” is something invented on the “Little Green Footballs” blog, a really dreadful conveyor belt of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hate propaganda. If you try talking sense on that blog, people will say you are stupid or something. Some of their fans are even worse than the bloggers. So idiotarianism is whatever these goons disagree with. Oh, they have a contest for “Idiotarian of the Year” and John Pilger, Rachel Corrie (!) and Noam Chomsky were nominated.

I’m also using this to test out w.Bloggar, which is a free (as in beer) desktop blogging program for Windoze, which you can use to post to Blogger / Blogspot blogs. So that’s what I’m trying to do. I haven’t found any satisfactory blog-progs for Linux yet. Bloggar is pretty good so far.

Update five minutes (or less) later: it worked!

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