BSD developments …

I’ve decided to take BSD off my machine. The CD downloads are basically a demo, to get the full OS you’re supposed to get the 4-CD pack from FreeBSD Mall or some other company. GNOME didn’t work properly and the fonts were up the spout as well, at least as soon as you try to move beyond plain old Helvetica and Times. So I installed the College Linux CD-R I’d had sitting round on the shelf for weeks.

The installation was weird, very old fashioned. You use ‘cfdisk’ to partition the hard drive, which I wasn’t used to although I’ve used ‘fdisk’ with BSD. With their installer all it takes is one wrong button and it goes wrong; CTRL-C during the installation sends you to the shell prompt! Also there’s no package options - it seems to install everything on the CD. Even FreeBSD’s installer allows you to choose what to install. But the OS works, at least - I’m using it to type this. It’s based on Slackware which I’ve heard is a very stable system and good for development and for finding one’s way around Linux.

I’ve had a pretty nasty cold the last few days which has meant that I haven’t felt up to typing (and, by extension, blogging). Insha Allah I should feel better in a day or so.

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