More on College Linux

I’m really happy (so far) with College Linux. I spent two hours last night downloading Dropline GNOME, but it’s really worth it. It’s probably the best version of GNOME out there, even better than ULB on SUSE although that’s pretty good (better than SuSE’s supplied version and certainly better than Ximian’s). The installation for CL leaves a lot to be desired, however; I can install Linux easily because I had installed SUSE’s Linux first. I then replaced that with FreeBSD and then that with College Linux. The biggest problem for new Linux users is partitioning, and that’s something SuSE is really good at. We need a good, easy-to-use open-source partitioner - fast.

There’s only a few small problems; although speedtouchconf (to get my Alcatel DSL modem going) works, it doesn’t appear to set it up to connect on boot, nor give any way of doing this. And the lousy Alcatel driver is the main reason I wanted to get off SuSE - it is so unreliable, it often needs to be re-started as root, sometimes you need to reboot the machine even after that, and other times the machine crashes while loading the driver during boot-up. The Papillault driver is much more reliable. I should tell CL about this issue I suppose.

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