More bigotry from the LGF donkeys

The morons over at Little Green Footballs are getting hot under the collar over the decision in the state of Alabama to permit people to wear religiously-mandated head scarves and turbans in their driving license ID. This is a “victory for CAIR”, which means that “a primary method of identification (hair type and color) has just been taken away from law enforcement, because of special interest group (read: Muslim) pressure.” What has escaped their attention (must be those blinkers) is that nowhere else in the US are women prevented from wearing their hijab in their driving license photo. On top of that, it kind of makes sense that women who are going to wear hijab when on the road wear it on their ID, don’t you think? But that seems to have escaped the Zionist fanatics of LGF.

The first comment to be made on this issue was “Wait a minute….I thought letting Islamic women drive was a corruption. What gives?”. In fact, it’s only a minority opinion that insists women are forbidden from driving - the opinion of the establishment scholars of Saudi Arabia, and followed by virtually no-one outside Saudi Arabia. Women are not prevented from driving even in most of the Gulf states. We are not dictated to by any single mufti, whether the one in Saudi or the one in Egypt.

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