Daily Express puts its foot in it again

The flow of garbage from the Daily Express continues unabated. Last Thursday it published yet another multi-page feature on immigration, claiming that just as we are getting loads of immigrants coming in, Brits are moving to Spain! The thing is that a lot of Brits actually hate the British climate; they want to go to Spain where it’s hot, or the Alps where you get proper snow (for the moment at least), anywhere but here where it rains. (As if it rains all the time). (Maybe we should run an exchange scheme, whereby a British family who hates our climate can exchange with (say) a Kurdish family, so that our whining Brits can sod off to sunny Kurdistan and leave this country to someone who appreciates it.) They interviewed this British family who’d emigrated to Spain and one of the stupid things they said was that the legal system was great and everyone’s afraid of the Guardia Civil! Oh yeah?! Tell that to the British ex-pats who tried to buy nice houses and found that the seller kept their deposit and sold the house to another family, who then had to wait months or years to challenge the sale in court, or the people who bought a house which had been built on top of another not-quite-demolished building (great building laws!) or the people in Valencia who are having bits of their land taken away and then being forced to contribute to what’s being built on it?! Anyone who says the Spanish legal system is so much better than ours is talking out of their backside, or else they’ve been falsely quoted.

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