The Morons Have Landed

An individual calling himself “Flanstein”, who has been pestering at least one other Muslim blogger by posting inhumanity-of-Islam ravings on her comments page, has started on my blog too. I think he found my blog through a post I made on, suggesting that the author of that blog simply ban his ravings, as certain anti-Muslim bloggers I have mentioned here before have no problem censoring my attempts to speak the truth on their patch. He wrote in response to my earlier post about Abu Hamza (14th Feb), by quoting something Abu Hamza said. I am sure he is not sincere in anything but his hatred of Islam, but please let nobody think I was defending Abu Hamza. I don’t agree with him in virtually anything, but I was commenting on the hypocrisy of the Sun comic which is notorious for its lowest-common-denominator ‘journalism’. And given that Abu Hamza’s circulation is considerably lower than theirs, it is obvious who causes more damage.

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