About the Madrid bombings

At the moment it is not certain that the bombings in Madrid, which has killed nearly 200 people at the time of this writing, was the work of Al-Qa’ida. It has been said that it bears the hallmarks of both that group and ETA (‘Basqueland’ and Freedom), the Basque separatist group. Whichever group is responsible this is a terrible action which has killed hundreds of innocent people, deliberately. If it is indeed the work of an Al-Qa’ida related group, both Muslims and others should be in no doubt that this action is absolutely condemned by Islam. The bombers attacked a country which has taken a peripheral role in recent events in Iraq against the wishes of their people. They have no proof that all, or indeed any, of the people they have killed have anything to do with the situation in Iraq, or have ever had any role in the oppression of Muslims, or indeed anyone, in their entire lives.

If they consider such non-Muslims as fair game (and Muslims who understand their religion do not), they might consider the tens of thousands of Muslims in Spain, many of them native converts with nowhere else to go except … elsewhere in Europe. A few years ago there was an anti-Muslim riot in southern Spain which led to Muslim workers fleeing to the hills. Yet, two days ago on this blog, I was able to report that hostility to Muslims in southern Spain had decreased as a result of the efforts of the local Muslim community. Every attack in the west which is attributed to Al-Qa’ida makes life more difficult for Muslims here - to say nothing of the Muslims who may be among those killed in the bombings themselves. (It was reported that hundreds of Muslims were killed in the Twin Towers attack, for example.)

I am not saying that, were the media to conclude that Al-Qa’ida were responsible, I would believe them. Large areas of the western media are controlled by people with known anti-Muslim and Zionist sympathies, and I don’t believe the official story on anything. I was certain that the Tel Aviv bombing last year was a set-up, until I saw the Hamas video. I am still not convinced that Al-Qa’ida were indeed responsible for 9/11. But the fact remains that the bulk of the Muslim community are innocent of these actions and often victims of them. May people remember this before they vent their anger on innocent people.

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