Shukr Clothing Australian launch

An Australian website for the Syrian-based Islamic clothing company Shukr has been launched. The company is run by an American convert and the clothing is all made by religious Muslims. (I’d call it special occasion clothing though, unless you’re very wealthy.)

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  • There is a similar company online named:

    It is selling clothing that is similar to Shukur the prices are less. It is my understanding that it is also ran by American Re-verts to Al-Islaam.

  • UmmZaid

    Salaam ‘Alaikum

    As a note to people who come here via Google Searches, even though it is an old post — is not selling clothes “similar” to SHUKR. The photos on their website are photos that they copied from SHUKR. Those are SHUKR photographs of SHUKR products. SHUKR guarantees our quality, and we follow ethical and Islamic practices from our design table to the cutting room floor to the shipping center. If our prices are high it is because we pay our employees market or above market wages, instead of exploiting them at sweatshop rates.

    If you want SHUKR originality and SHUKR quality, it is best to buy authentic SHUKR clothing.

  • Anah

    For more modern and yet modest clothes, visit

    Their clothes are designed for woman who dress modestly AND their clothes look like they are from Nordstrom…or any other high end store!!! Highly recommend them.

  • zak

    I have just read the above blogs and visited the site of Barakallah and I have to agree with the second blog that they are complete copycats. What annoys me is that when a company is innovative like Shukr another Muslim doesn’t want to support him but to undercut him/her for their own greed. This is a great disservice to the advancement of Muslim innovation.

  • nadia

    salam 2 all,

    I have heard of “shukur” from an islamic chanel called “IQRA”. I was watching a program where it presented converted muslims and there was a British muslim called “Anas” told about his conversion to Islam nd mentioned about the islamic clothing factory and how it aims to help muslims and also non muslims to find decent , elegent,and trendy clothing in the west..

    I liked it when I saw the short film displayed about the factory and wondered how can I buy from that factory there..

    as muslims we like invesment projects to prosper and be as propoganda for the islamic concepts which can be through the requirement services to the customers as in clothing manufacturing..

    Thus we should every where follow the ethics of marketing and not talk about each other in a negative way that would harm each other services and look infront of the others in a weak image and lose our goal that we are suposed to represent.

    As they say success is not all about money alone but also about following good ethics which will reinforce the good service and credibility for the company..

    Good Luck for “Shukur” and for all companies all over the world with the good intentions to serve Islam..