Thank God some people saw sense

It seems the Spanish - who, it must be remembered, did not want to get involved in Iraq to begin with - have had their fears confirmed by last week’s bombings in Madrid, and kicked out the government that got them into that mess. No doubt the morons at places like Little Green Footballs will start crying “surrender”, but it gives hope to those of us in the UK who also never wanted to get involved in the Bush cabal’s disastrous adventures.

A few weeks ago I read in the Spectator (a right-of-centre political weekly until recently owned by Conrad Black) someone going on about how “we need America”. We need America a lot less now than we did in the 1960s during the Cold War, yet a Labour government (under Harold Wilson) kept us out of the Vietnam war, which was fought to prop up an American client dictatorship, went on for several bloody years, and failed miserably. Why get involved with this when we managed to stay out of Vietnam?

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