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Note: the original post, which I deleted, was in response to Jews gloating on the BBC’s website about the murder by the Israeli army of Shaikh Ahmed Ya-sin. The post said that the Jews killed by the Palestinians were in Hell, and warned of what would happen when (not if) the Muslims reconquered Palestine.) The post was reproduced on at least two other blogs.)

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post in reaction to the murder of Shaikh Ahmad Yasin. It at least disproves Flanstein’s earlier jibe that “there’s only the two of us here”! In fact, I actually thought I had deleted that post, which I made in anger in reaction to the murder and the gloating over it I saw on the BBC’s website. You can read more of the same on the odious “Little Green Footballs” blog; I’m not going to link it because they have a habit of redirecting links from hostile websites and blogs to the Israeli Defence Force’s Hebrew website! No doubt a few people have had their opinions of Islam and Muslims confirmed. These people haven’t really broken any stereotypes either. Let’s take their comments one by one:

Flanstein: Why am I not surprised? My theory about the joy muslims take over the deaths of Jews was that you don’t see them as human beings.

Me: Well, they are human beings, and as Shaikh Hamza Yusuf once said, you can’t blame a dog for being a dog, but you can blame a human being for acting like something less than an animal.

Avi W: I’m shaking in my shoes, Yusuf. Perhaps you should direct your prayers to Shaul Mofaz, since Allah doesn’t seem to be to stop JDAMs. Your gnome got less than he deserved.

Me: What’s a JDAM? What gnome? I don’t have any gnomes. My garden’s a gnome-free zone.

Allah Most High subjects many of those He loves to trials in this life. Our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was terribly persecuted and outlived all but one of his children. Paradise is surrounded by trials and Hell by temptations.

Robert: One down, several hundred thousand to go; care to strap on a bomb yourself, Yusuf? Naw, I didn’t think so, since the average camel-buggering Arab hasn’t even got that much courage.

Me: I wouldn’t know about “camel-buggering Arabs” because I’ve never met one. And I’m not an Arab. My surname is Smith - if you’d read my website you’d know that. I have no personal plans to carry out a suicide bombing, but it is clear that Arabs in Palestine do have such courage.

Robert again: Just think, your old Sheik Yassin has gone to his reward, that special place in Hell reserved for impotent old men who send out children with bombs strapped to their chests.

Me: If Shaikh Yassin is impotent, how did he manage to have children?!”

Who is the innocent? Is the Jew who took my home, land, and expelled me from it by force, killed my children, wife, and parents… is he innocent? The important thing is to determine who is the aggressor… Are we the ones that attack Israelis first or is it them? If you know that, the answer would be clear for you. (Shaikh Ahmad Yassin, 7th May 2003)

(By the way, he had 11 children.)

Haywood: If anyone still believes in the myth of a “moderate Muslim” here’s your chance to repent.

Me: Of course, a “moderate Muslim” to you is someone who rejects part of the religion, or disavows the use of force to defend the religion or its people. The Jews did not disavow such force when trying to capture the land they currently occupy from the British. I don’t see why Arab Muslims in Palestine (or any other locals, for that matter) should disavow it to defend their land.

SnickerGal: Who was the leader of the Palestinians before Arafat? Where can I read about the historic culture of the Palestinian people?

Me: This is an irrelevance. Of course, the Arabs in Palestine were not called Palestinians before the British occupied the area under the “Mandate” scheme and called the region Palestine. Then, there was no need for a “leader” of the Palestinian people, because that particular group of Arabs had not been hived off and given another name. They were simply the local people, as they still are.

Crusader: As a proud kufr & Christian woman, I will surely die before I give birth to anything that follows Islam. Your comments are very revealing about the nature of this hostile, hateful religion, or at least this version of it.

Me: My own mother is not Muslim, and she never expected to give birth to someone who would later become Muslim, any more than you know such things about your children. May Allah guide your children. If you really feel that way, you will be pleased to know that the Muslims did execute some elderly Jews at their own request when they conquered one of the treacherous Jewish communities around al-Madinah. Should the need arise, just tell them and remind them of what I said, and ask them to chop off your head.

Crusader: Israel existed LONG before 1948 and has a right to exist now. The murderers of Palestine do not have the right to a state for a made up ethnic group!

Me: No country called Israel existed between before the time of Christ (peace be upon him) and 1948. That’s a fact. They were displaced from the land God gave them when they rebelled against Him.

Crusader: BTW, why are kids always in the midst of violence in Israel? You never see Jewish kids at such scenes, unless they’ve been killed by some murdering bigot with a bomb.

Me: for more on this see LGF Watch - March 1st entry.

Crusdader: “Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. ” It appears you have been deceived.

Me: no, you have been deceived by a long succession of lying priests and pseudo-theologians. We do not follow any false Messiah. Our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said he was the Messenger of Allah, which he was, not the Messiah. He (peace and blessings be upon him) affirmed Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) as the Messiah, and this is affirmed in the Holy Qur’an, chapter 9, verse 30.

Crusader: And may God bless and protect His people Israel. And Kudos to the IDF for a job well done.

Me: why would a Christian speak such nonsense? The disbelieving and rebellious among the children of Israel ceased to be “His people” centuries ago.

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