The MCB letter

BBC Interview with Inayat Bunglawala, about the recent letter to the mosques encouraging people to help the security forces Outside the mosques yesterday we had the usual negative reaction from the moronic youths who attack any conciliation with the non-Muslim authorities even when we are living in their countries. Worse still, they burned the Union Jack, which while not an offence, is obviously going to get on the front pages and drag the name of our community through the mud once more. Of course, a lot of people remember the images of American flags being burned on TV, but (as far as I know) such incidents took place in the Middle East and not in the USA.

Remember that this letter was about informing the security forces about conspiracies to commit terrorist acts in the UK - not about jihad efforts overseas. I have my doubts about the likelihood of such an attack in the centre of London, for the simple reason that there are too many Muslims in that part of town, and it’s also historically been a centre for Arab exile groups and Arabic newspapers. Bear in mind, there have been no repeats of the same type of bombing - US embassies (Nairobi and Dar es-Salaam), a ram-raid with aeroplanes (11th Sept), a nightclub bombing (Bali) and now an attack on the train system (Madrid) - my hunch is that the next attack will be different again. On top of this, the people who do this sort of thing would not tell Muslims they suspected were unsympathetic. They consider the rest of us to be such things as “coconuts”, “chocolate Muslims”, “moderate munafiqeen” (hypocrites) and other such things. They know we would tell on them anyway, so the announcement at the Friday prayers yesterday could be said to be unnecessary. But that does not excuse the idiotic response from the usual suspects. At least they had to hold their flag burning outside the mosque.

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