Mercury, Vitamin A and the MMR vaccine

I’m not a parent myself, but I’ve been following the coverage of the issue of the MMR vaccine in the UK especially as it has come up on a Muslim eGroup I subscribe to. I am not a diehard anti-vaccine activist, but it stands to reason that if you inject known toxic substances into someone’s body, especially a young child’s, that it will do them harm. Today’s Independent had a feature on Dr. Mary Megson, a medical doctor from Richmond, Virginia, whose theory on autism is that it is in many cases caused by a genetic defect which is exacerbated by chemicals in the MMR vaccine; she has seen multiple children in the same family affected. She claims that the condition can be largely treated with cod liver oil and bethanechol. You can read the article here.

Given that this seems to be hard evidence of a link between MMR and autism, one wonders if we will see any change in public policy concerning this vaccine, or if the vaccine manufacturers will remove the offending toxic substances? In this country the courts recently forced a young girl (aged 10) to have the MMR vaccine against her mother’s wishes because her father, who did not live with her, insisted she have it, and even so, the Prime Minister refuses to tell us whether he has given the vaccine to his own son. Amazingly we are told it is “unethical” to run controlled tests on the vaccine, because it means leaving the “control” group unvaccinated and thus at risk from disease - never mind that it leaves the other group open to complications from the vaccination!

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