Reaction to Rantisi murder

Israel’s assassination yesterday of yet another Hamas leader was shocking, but it should not surprise anyone that Israel, especially under the leadership of Ariel Sharon, would do such a thing. I haven’t bothered to look on LGF to check if they are crowing about the murder; the BBC, however, has opened up one of its “Have Your Say” pages and the predictable reactions from diaspora Jews are there for all to see. I shan’t bother posting them here, as you can read them on the BBC’s website. But it is interesting how diaspora Jews praise their country’s war criminal leader for fighting terrorism, by shooting at people from helicopters, while ignoring the terrorism committed by their nation’s founders like Begin, Shamir and Rabin. Not all of this filth comes from the USA, but a columnist in the Guardian, Brian Whitaker, notes that much of the most fanatical Zionism comes from there. A lot of their hate is focussed on Jews who disagree with them, and there are a number of websites exposing “enemies” within the Jewish nation, labelling them SHIT (self-hating, Israel-threatening) and in some cases, encouraging fellow-travellers to threaten these people with violence. (You can read the article here.

Most of these people are unlikely to favour any moves for peace with Palestinians, who are themselves unlikely to accept the “peace” offers made by Sharon, which include Israeli control of ports, airspace and borders and “access rights” for the Israeli army; they are bantustans of the sort established by South Africa under Apartheid. People are quick to criticise the Palestinians for their violent resistance to the Israeli occupation, but fail to consider whether they would choose to live under such a system themselves. Perhaps we can hope that groups like Hamas will give up terrorism once they actually get a state - which, after all, is more than can be said for the Israelis.

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