My SUSE arrived today!

Just taking a break from my revision (brushing up on my Java) to install the SUSE Linux package which was delivered this afternoon on two computers simultaneously … which should be done in about an hour insha Allah. The package was sent from Germany and appears to have been sent through the German postal system, which feeds into DHL in this country. Don’t you just hate it when you know you’ve got a parcel coming but have no way of finding out exactly where it is and when you are likely to get it? I rang DHL twice today, and the first time they said that there was no record of a parcel being sent from Germany to a name anything like mine in my postal area, and the second time, they said it could well be coming through Parcel Force! Then my dad told me that a card had been put through the door to say that the parcel had been left next door, when I was in all day!

Well, tonight, I intend to do some more Java on my laptop, downstairs with my mum and dad instead of up here in the computer room on my own … which probably means no blogging. (Some of the programs in this course probably won’t work on a Mac.) But I intend to post a full review here insha Allah.

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