Piers Morgan resigns

The BBC is reporting that Piers Morgan, the editor of the Daily Mirror has been sacked or stepped down (nobody is quite sure which, which is the norm when powerful people are sacked), and that the photos they published under the claim that British troops were abusing Iraqi prisoners had been confirmed as fake, and that the paper had been the victim of a “malicious hoax”. Excuse me, but a well-known photographer was interviewed on BBC radio last week, and he said that he believed they were fake - they were too posed, and looked too good to be a furtive amateur job. Doesn’t this paper have people working for them who can tell these things about photographs?

The Daily Mirror has been trying to make its name as reporting “real news” and debunking the lies issued by the rest of the tabloid press, but the fact is that it is still a downmarket tabloid paper and is well-known for lapses into dreadful gutter journalism. Who can forget the notorious “Lady Di in the gym” pictures of 1994? By doing this they have brought the whole anti-war movement into disrepute.

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