London Elects – 10th June

Recently we all got a pamphlet through our door entitled London’s Elections - The Candidates with the manifestos of all the people putting themselves forward to be our mayor on June 10th. The candidates are:

  • Frank Maloney (UK Independence Party)
  • Steve Norris (Conservative)
  • Ram Gidoomal C.B.E. (Christian People’s Alliance)
  • Ken Livingstone (Labour)
  • Julian Leppert (British Nazi, whoops, I mean National Party)
  • Darren Johnson (Green)
  • Dr Tammy Nagalingam (independent)
  • Lorna Reid (Independent Working Class Association)
  • Simon Hughes (Liberal Democrat)
  • Lindsey German (Respect)
  • It is rather amusing to look Frank Maloney of the UK Independence Party trying to be a “man of the people”, and Julian Leppert doing no favours for the BNP’s alleged desire to become a proper political party. Here’s some of Maloney’s baloney: “CATCH CRIMINALS NOT MOTORISTS: Abolish the Congestion Charge, no more speed cameras, no more speed bumps, 24 hour transport for a 24 hour city, more conductors on buses … extend Underground to South East London. Free bus travel for under 18’s travelling to school.” I’d like to know how Maloney plans to raise the taxes to fund all of this. He is in an election for mayor of London, not dictator. (The reason the Underground doesn’t go to south-east London is because that part of town has a vast network of overground railway lines, a legacy of the Victorian era when two railway companies were competing in running lines from London to Kent.) He also wants to abolish “the most expensive talking shop in the country - the GLA” (not something he can do as mayor), and “less illegal asylum seekers” (again, outside the mayor’s remit, and does he mean illegal workers or refugees generally?).

    Like Maloney, Leppert also claims to want rid of the congestion charge, but offers no alternative for cutting motor congestion. As for the housing shortage, Leppert offers “the BNP’s national immigration policies”. How many times, this is a mayoral election! These two parties are trying to make themselves look like respectable political parties, in the case of the Nazi Party by dressing their thugs in suits and ties. If they don’t know what they are going to be able to do in local government, how on earth can they be taken seriously? They’ve absolutely nothing to offer.

    Insha Allah, I’m off to Lancashire tomorrow to join my parents for the last day in their holiday cottage near Carnforth and go walking with them in the Lake District. I should be back in the blogging chair on Saturday evening insha Allah.

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