I’m really annoyed tonight

I’ve just come back from a Respect rally at Friends’ House (a Quaker building) near Euston station in Central London. The speakers were George Galloway (of course), Yvonne Ridley, Anas Altikriti, Anjum Mirza of (I think) the Rail, Maritime and Transport union, a female fire-fighter whose name I’ve forgotten, Ken Loach (best known for the films Kes and Land and Freedom), and Lindsey German, their mayoral candidate for London. I thought the speeches were pretty good until the end, when the chairman announced that an Italian communist newspaper had written to express their support! One would expect that a party which wanted to get elected would want to disassociate itself from Communists, as even rumours of well-wishing from them cost Labour a general election in the 1920s (the so-called Zinoviev letter affair, in which a letter ostensibly from the head of the Communist International wishing Labour well in a general election was “leaked” to the press, when it was actually fabricated by Tsarist exiles in Latvia). I am sure that this will be picked up on by the Press, and all their efforts could be wasted. How stupid are these people?

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