Keep taking the tablets

Elizabeth Thompson-Khan, the woman who has been sending out anti-English racist email spams every few weeks, has been more prolific of late - two in the space of as many weeks. I blogged in July about her earlier emails and how I came to be one of her targets. Her messages are obnoxious and offensive in their content, but they can also be rather amusing as they demonstrate amply their author’s ignorance and detachment from reality. For example, she is rather fond of calling the English “Nazis”, including people who lived long before the term was coined in the 1920s to describe Hitler’s followers in Germany. It comes from the German pronunciation of “National”. This clearly excludes William Shakespeare, among those she has described this way, from being called a Nazi. To compare Churchill to them is just bizarre, even though he was a racist and a criminal. Churchill used gas against Kurds who were fighting British control; the Nazis used gas simply for mass murder of much greater numbers of people.

Now, she has taken to defending “Islamic Sudan” against what she calls the BBC’s “cockroach lies”. She quotes the BBC as saying that “government supported Janjaweed Arab Militia is attacking the Black Africans”, to which she replies, “there is NO such thing as Arab Africans and Black Africans in Sudan and this deceitful terminology of Arab Militia is your personal invention, sole purpose of which is to drive a wedge between the African and the Islamic Arabic countries. Everyone in Sudan is black and African and there are no Arab Africans in Sudan. They are all Sudanese Africans and nothingelse” (the spellings are all hers). The truth is that most of the population of north and east Sudan are Arabs, many of whom are black, but elsewhere the population is black and African. In the west, this population is mostly Muslim, while in the south, it’s mostly animist with a strong Christian presence.

Thompson then alleges that “if there is a?Janjweed Militia then there is also a Tora Bora Militia, which is operating under the command of War Criminal John Garang”. Like, what has the situation in southern Sudan got to do with whatever went on at Tora Bora? She then alleges that the BBC have been silent about Garang’s atrocities, which as this report demonstrates, they have not.

The rest of Thompson’s email goes on in a similar vein. But the issue is why she calls us “Cockroach Britain” and comprehensively abuses all our national institutions while praising Germany in an article (if you can call it that) about an Islamic issue? Apart from a brief alliance with the Ottomans in the early 20th century, Germany has never been any great supporter of Islam, and several states have passed laws prohibiting religious Muslim women from working in the civil service by banning the wearing of headscarves there. None of this has gone on in the UK. You call us Nazis, but your country proves time and time again that it cannot tolerate difference. For centuries your underclass was Jews, until you murdered most of them, and now the same pattern emerges with the Muslims. Get your house in order first before you make sweeping generalisations about entire nations. Or else, just keep taking the tablets …

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