New “Ecologist” magazine out

The latest edition of The Ecologist (no prizes for guessing what it’s about) has recently come out. It’s a special feature on supermarkets:

  • How they drive local business out of business
  • How other local businesses (like accountants) lose business because of this
  • How they kill communities
  • How they kill decent jobs and replace them with banal jobs with bad conditions
  • The low quality of the food they sell (even if it looks good)
  • How they rip people off while pretending to save us money
  • How they drive farmers to the wall

… and much more.

This struck a chord with me because last week, on the way back from a trip “up country”, I stopped on the edge of a small town called Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, about 40 miles from London. Biggleswade is a pretty small place, but there is a big Sainsbury’s store on the outskirts which really must make any other food store in that town unnecessary. Besides which, at least two of the major supermarkets in the UK are known investors in Israel - see here for more details.

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