What’s all this about “middle-lane hoggers”?

The BBC reports that “up to a third of motorway capacity is being wasted by drivers’ poor lane discipline, according to research by the RAC Foundation” (the RAC is the Royal Automobile Club, a rival to the British AA which provides breakdown assistance and insurance). As a professional driver, I can tell you all why people “hog” the middle lane on the motorway, which is because of slow moving vehicles in the inside lane. Most trucks (except 7.5 tonne trucks) have devices which prevent them going any faster than 56mph, and the speed limit for them is 60 anyway. A lot of older cars, particularly those with small engines and four-speed gearboxes (like my Nissan), can’t go much faster than 60 either. People who want to do 70mph, the actual speed limit, are not going to use the inside lane because it makes it likely that they will end up stuck behind a slow mover. It’s even more ridiculous that they are talking about police pulling people over for this.

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