Hey, is this a good idea?

There’s a report on the BBC news site that an “online school” is being set up in a small village in Wales, which will be a full school, with real lessons from real teachers over the net! It would cost 165 pounds per month (1980 pounds per year, which at current exchange rates is $3581.62 per year). The school, says the report, “would cater for students who are being schooled at home, whether through parental or personal choice, students who have been bullied, excluded, are disabled or are living overseas”. Now, I don’t remember getting much “personal choice” when I was at school - I went where I was told. The organiser, Paul Daniell, says that a lot of children “don’t flourish and succeed as they should”, which is true. The leader of the NUT (National Union of Teachers) in Wales, is quoted as saying that education is not just about “the student and knowledge” but about “socialising and interaction”. Now, I know I could have done without the sort of socialising and interaction I had at school, and this is actually what a lot of Muslim parents fear for their own children. Would any of you sign up for this?

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