How “switched on” are these organisations?

I’ve long been dismayed by the material issued by certain organisations which purport to defend Muslims. Some of them are very vigorous in attacking “apathetic” Muslims, but their writings demonstrate that they are short on literacy. The worst of these is MPAC UK. At the time of this writing, their homepage points to another attack on Islamophobic liberal hack Polly Toynbee. “BLACK SPIDER - THE MEDIA QUEEN OF SCUM AND THE EMPRESS OF ISLAMOPHOBIC POLITICS!” it cries. Now, the media is full of obnoxious hacks, both in the press and on talk radio, and most of them thoroughly hate Islam. Toynbee may well be the worst of the women, but she’s a pussy-cat compared to the Kings of Scum - the likes of Robert Spencer and Charles Johnson. They suggest dedicating a poem to her, and the two lines they suggest are: “Polly is the Islamaphobic Queen / Polly is the Islampaphobic Queen”. The sloppy spelling, which they seem not to have read before they put it out on their very well-presented web page, is theirs. In the same article, they talk of the “thousands of dumb and stupid Muslims” who voted for Anne Cryer as their MP (representative in Parliament), who brought up the issue of Asian men who were having “relations” with underage white girls. And this is known to be a problem in Yorkshire, so why are MPAC attacking those who talk about it, as well as insulting a huge section of the Muslim community?

This organisation is well-known for its excess of zeal and its lack of religious knowledge, as Fareena Alam pointed out in Q-News a few years ago. We have all heard the English phrase “the benefit of the doubt”, which has a more-or-less direct Arabic translation, husn al-dhann. Arabic has the exact opposite as well, su al-dhann, the evil of the doubt, and holding an evil opinion of Muslims is not allowed in Islam. Take a look at this article published on MPAC’s site recently for a shocking example - when a woman gets married and no longer has time for activism, the anonymous author of this diatribe comes to the conclusion that the tears she had previously shed for Palestinians were fake. La hawla wa la quwwata illa bi’Llah. MPAC are always telling us to write to the media and complain about the slightest nuance linking Muslims to any sort of evil. Write to MPAC, and tell them about this dreadful bad adab towards other Muslims, and to fear Allah!

(By the way, this is not the only Muslim “public affairs” organisation which seems not to be up to the job as regards articulateness. A while ago an organisation advised Muslims, via their web site, to defend Islam by contacting the media and “airing their views”. This phrase - “air your views” - obviously does not mean the same as “defend your religion and community”, but when I contacted them and said that talking to radio phone-in shows was not a good idea because the hosts are adept at twisting the conversation, and said that Muslims should simply state facts, the respondent said something like: I think Muslims are intelligent enough to state facts and not fiction. Of course, the problem is not people stating fiction - i.e. lying - but letting one’s emotions get in the way. British news presenters are skilled at making people look like fools without them realising it, and are not afraid to insult callers and cut them off if they deem their views “offensive”.

Update 7th Sept: another brother has informed me that the spelling mistakes may be deliberate, because if people are publicly sneering at MPAC’s poor spelling, it’s still better than nobody discussing them or their issues at all. I still wonder how effective it is on their website, though.)

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