Randhir Singh Bains: Liar

Letters pages are often full of the “usual suspects” cropping up time and time again, and when they declare who they are (as opposed to just their names), one can understand what actually gives them the capacity to speak about the subject of their letter, as opposed to just having an interesting or important angle which deserves to be aired. There are another variety, the perpetual letter-writer whose views continually get aired and we don’t find out where the letters are coming from. When I was back in Croydon, I saw two letters in the local newspaper from someone saying that the state shouldn’t be looking after the bastard children of careless mothers. He actually used the word bastard, in both letters.

I’ve written here about continual anti-Muslim letter writers before, notably a guy called Denis MacEoin who failed to declare his links to the Baha’is. Randhir Singh Bains is another example - I searched for his name on Google and found nothing except letters to newspapers. In today’s Sunday Telegraph, there is a scaremongering letter from him alleging that:

Britain’s Muslims today have separate schools, a separate parliament, a separate bank and a “separate” privilege to have their critics sacked. If this trend of separateness continues unabated, it is only a matter of time before they ask for separate laws (Sharia laws), and eventually a separate country.

The so-called “Muslim Parliament” was known in our community to be a front group for Kalim Siddiqui and his so-called Muslim Institute, a pro-Khomeini group. They don’t represent anyone but themselves. As for a separate bank, well, numerous banks and building societies have their roots in clearly declared sections of the nation: Halifax, Bradford and Bingley, Cheltenham and Gloucester, Royal Bank of Scotland, and so on. Even the Welsh cattle-drovers had their bank (the Black Ox, now known as Lloyd’s). If a town can have its own institutions (and all towns of any size do), why should this so unthinkable for a religious community? As for schools, we have only a handful of state schools, in contrast to the thousands of Christian denominational schools. As for having our critics sacked, nobody is talking of getting rid of windbags like Polly Toynbee - only about ravers like “Will Cummins”. If anyone talked of Jews the way Cummins did about us, they would probably get sacked without having their articles printed.

In this country, there is nobody seriously advocating enforcing Sharia here, because it’s not going to happen any time soon. Nobody is talking about having critics of Islam silenced by law, because Muslims moved to this country knowing that this does not happen. And nobody has asked for a separate country (where?). We do not even expect, as some Jews appear to, that the media always support “our” faction where they are right and where they are wrong. (We don’t always support the people they identify as the “Muslim” faction ourselves.) What we want is an end to the scaremongering and flagrant lying.

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