eWeek: Linux Doesn’t Make Sense for Desktops

An article on the eWeek website opines that Linux isn’t viable for the desktop - anyone who wants to get away from Windows to a decent desktop should get a Mac, says David Coursey. (I found this on OSNews, see “Longhorn Delays Make Room for Linux Mac OSX”.) My take on this is that the systems are very different, and Linux is very configurable - it has a vast choice of operating environments, which the Mac has much less of. PCs are also much cheaper than Macs, and anyone who wants a Mac has to pay Apple’s “style tax”, in terms of actual cost, inferior equipment (TFT monitors instead of proper CRTs, which give better image quality, last longer, and cost less - TFTs just take up less space), lack of expandability, and lack of choice.

On top of this, the Linux community is part of the wider open-source software community, which has an ethos of software developed for the community. There are, for example, many open source FTP clients for Linux, and to my knowledge, there are none for the Mac, only a free download and various free one-month trials. Some people might say you get what you pay for, but in my experience, the freely-available FTP clients for Linux are excellent.

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