Sunday Torygraph didn’t print my letter

I wrote a letter to the Sunday Telegraph after they printed a reply to Randhir Singh Bains’ letter about the privileges we supposedly enjoy. The letter they printed was about the “animal cruelty” (i.e. halal slaughter) which he claims we get away with.

Well, they didn’t print it, so here it is:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I looked at the letters section on your website today in the hope of finding some balance to the hysterical and mendacious letter by Randhir Singh Bains last week. You print only another anti-halal slaughter letter and a call to “put our house in order”, or else.

For the record, the Muslim community does not have its own Parliament; the organisation calling itself that is no more than the remnants of a pro-Iranian front group. All but a handful of our schools are private (unlike Anglican and Catholic schools), most banks have their roots in sectional interests (like towns or industries), and as for having our critics sacked, anti-Semitism is not tolerated, and rightly so, so why should vituperations of our community be?

Halal slaughter provides meat for well over a million people in this country, and if it were to be banned, the community would source it outside the country, or eat fish instead. The effect this would have on this country’s agriculture, and on already-overworked fish stocks, can be easily imagined, as could the effect on the Muslim-run restaurant industry. Like followers of every other God-centred religion, we believe that Man has been given the right to use animals, including for clothing and food. While we oppose causing unnecessary suffering, it seems curious that some people are far more concerned about farm animals than people.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew J Smith

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