They’re going for Mosul now

The BBC is reporting that the Americans, having “secured” Falluja, are now working on taking out “insurgents” in Mosul.

Ahem, what happened to those Kurdish insurgents which the Americans were supposedly supporting before this war? Why did they not let them take control of Mosul and Kirkuk, or did they not like the idea of not capturing the most fertile part of Iraq? The hypocrisy and (possibly selective) amnesia on display here is staggering.

I don’t have words really to say what I think about the despicable murder of Margaret Hassan. She was an Iraqi citizen and a Muslima, had opposed both the war and the sanctions which preceded it, and was not a “security guard” or any other euphemism for mercenary, but was known as an aid worker. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon.

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