ASBOs and London trams

I’m not a big fan of the ASBO system (Anti-Social Behaviour Order, one of our infamous Home Secretary’s many schemes) but, given the one they have imposed on Camden Town by which they allow the police to move on groups of troublesome teenagers, why don’t they impose one on a patch of ground near the tram line west of Mitcham? I’m talking about a dusk-to-dawn exclusion zone around the tram line from Phipps Bridge to Morden Road, where a few months ago there was a spate of incidents in which stones were thrown at moving trams (at a point where they do 50 mph along a single-track line). Yesterday, I was on one of these trams when a brick was thrown through the window, missing two people’s heads by inches.

The stretch of line can be found (I hope) here. The brick came from the north side, to the west of Phipps Bridge station, which probably means quite near the River Wandle crossing. I don’t travel much on the line which leads to another rough part of town - New Addington - nor have I heard of these events on the news, but I’ve never heard of trams on the New Addington line being hit by stones or bricks, which leads me to think that the people responsible live in the area round Phipps Bridge.

I’d like to know what the authorities are going to do about these morons? More to the point, maybe they might provide us with some means of stopping the tram in the event of the driver taking a brick in the face.

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