People don’t like 90-year-old wine

I thought this too amusing to not blog …

Yesterday morning I heard the bizarre story that a load of the last Russian Tsar’s wine collection was going on sale in London - supposedly some of the finest vintage wine in the world, under the hammer at Sotheby’s. I never cared much for the stuff anyway, even before I became Muslim, but it’s always puzzled me why anyone would drink wine that was years, never mind decades, old.

And it appears that interest in this lot (or these lots) was underwhelming - although the highest paid for a single bottle was nearly £3,000! The sale made a total of £149,391 - just over a quarter of the half-million expected.

Are the buyers going to stash it away so it gets even more “vintage”, or do they plan to drink the stuff? (I wonder why the Bolsheviks didn’t knock it back while it was still fresh.)

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