How much more slack for Plonkett?

I am just about getting sick to the back teeth of our moronic Home Secretary David Blunkett (Plonkett) and the liberties people allow him to take just because he’s blind (and let’s face it, that is all it is). His authoritarian streak is probably typical of the Bliar government anyway, but previous ministers have had to resign over having affairs and using their positions to help their “bits on the side”, and now he gets away with attacking his colleagues in the Cabinet in a book he’s having published on Wednesday (even, as was reported over the weekend, saying that the current right-wing opposition leader, Michael Howard, was a better home secretary than his own Labour predecessor Jack Straw)?

Now, we hear that John Prescott, despite saying his remarks contain “an element of personal arrogance”, is also defending him, saying he is under stress and “has apologised”. Well sorry, but what’s the point of apologising and then having your offensive book published?

I actually heard the Plonkett affair discussed on the BBC’s blind programme, In Touch, last week on the way back from Southampton. They interviewed some newspaper editor or columnist or something, and a blind writer called Sue Arnold. It was even suggested that he had the look of an “Old Testament prophet”. You can see a picture of him in the report I linked above, you can all judge for yourself - I think he looks like a middle-aged bloke with a bit of a beard. Other people are less complimentary. I have never been lucky enough to see a prophet, but I have seen some awliya’ and he looks nothing like any of them.

And people do make excuses for him because he’s blind - I saw someone on a BBC question-and-answer program say that this man lives in continual darkness, as if that gives him the right to wreck someone else’s marriage. He’s not totally blind (dealing with the darkness bit) and even if he was, surely someone who’d been blind that long would have got used to it by now? Blind or not, he’s one of the most powerful men in the country. There are simply no excuses.

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