Just bought my first PDA

Well, my Nan gave me £150 as Christmas money, and I decided to buy myself a Palm PDA (a Tungsten E). I got a penny change.

I have been hedging over this since, oh, yesterday afternoon. I looked in several shops along the Edgware Road (it’s actually just about going out of production; apparently a year old is old in this market). Two things pushed me into buying one.

One, being able to easily note down job details.

Two, being able to easily note down the fleet numbers of buses driven idiotically, like the number 131 I was on coming into Wimbledon (SW19) along the bumpy Worple Road about 7.05 this morning. An awful lot of drivers these days are idiots, which is not surprising since many of the trainers are as well (and by the way, they actually let convicts train to be bus drivers so they’ll have a job when they go back out on the streets). I’ve forgotten that particular bus’s number, but insha Allah not next time.

Only thing is, the packaging is terrible - I had to use a knife to break it open! What’s the point of that? In the shop they are kept under lock and key, and once you get them home you take it out, so it’s not much protection, is it?

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