Baby milk … and now washing powder?

I just saw an ad on ITV for Ariel non-bio washing powder. The advert featured an African woman, traditionally dressed and with her scarf tied around her hair, kissing a little boy goodbye and saying goodbye, all in a foreign language. (I don’t know enough of any African language to know what language.) The thing is, the woman did not look like a wealthy city woman - the character (even if not the actress!) is clearly a country-dweller in what looks like a simple house. What on earth would a woman of that ilk want with Ariel washing powder? You put it in your washing machine, not your tub!

I just hope they are not selling their wares to poor people who really have better things to spend their money on. We all know about the Nestle baby milk scandal - their products are still not sold in student union shops in the UK because of that. I wonder if the makers of Ariel want a boycott on that scale.

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