New “terrorism” warning

A not-so-secret secret intelligence report reveals that “al-Qa’ida” is planning a big attack on the new year celebrations in London, according to the Daily Telegraph. This means, of course, that the Muslim community should get ready for a bit of harrassment from the authorities, a few dawn raids on totally innocent households which will lead to people being quietly released without charge a few weeks later. We may also see hysterical press headlines leading to harrassment from louts in the street.

Apparently the main threat is to “military personnel and establishments within the Government Security Zone in central London, which includes Horse Guards in Whitehall, and Buckingham and St James’s Palaces”, as well as military bases around the country. The threat also affects places which attract crowds, and supposedly comes from al-Qa’ida.

So, this weekend’s a good time to stay at home, particularly if (like me) you don’t like crowds, especially those with a lot of drunks. I wonder if this threat comes from the same al-Qa’ida cell which apparently recruits from schools for the mentally disabled, and which has all the internal security of a collander, which has been responsible for all the al-Qa’ida terrorist plots which the police have foiled over the past three years. They haven’t pulled off a single job - they look like a bunch of incredibly stupid terrorists.

It’s worth noting that al-Qa’ida do not have the loyalty of Muslims here. Our community is of mostly Indo-Pak origin and mostly Sunni, and does not have tensions anything like those affecting the Arab Muslim communities in the USA. Specifically, there’s no truck with “Salafi” reforms of Islam except in the Ahle-Hadeeth minority. They cannot accuse our imams of being Hamas supporters, much less al-Qa’ida. And for any youths who seriously want to do something like this, it would be very difficult to find a sympathetic audience - for those who don’t realise killing scores of people is wrong in itself, perhaps the likely ramifications for their own community would make them think twice. Even al-Muhajiroun didn’t believe such acts are legitimate, and Abu Hamza said of anyone thinking of it: “He’s an agent or a complete fool”.

Still, if there really is a terrorist threat to central London, the authorities could at least get rid of some of the obvious safety hazards - I’m thinking of such places as the stall on the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, which causes a lot of overcrowding at the best of times. But of course, one expects that this will give the government an excuse to step up their campaign to introduce identity cards, something no government did even during the height of the IRA’s terror campaign. One hopes the public will see through this nonsense and vote to keep this scheme off the agenda at the next election.

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