Hindu bigots shoot themselves in the foot

Some time in 2003 I took part in a rally in north-west London against an appearance by Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, where an organised “riot” in 2002 resulted in a huge number of Muslims being murdered and raped and numerous mosques and Muslim businesses being destroyed. Modi’s government is widely suspected of being heavily involved in these events.

The BJP was kicked out of national office last year, for reasons not all connected with their support for “fascism”, i.e. Hindu bigotry, but it seems Modi persists in Gujarat. Today I saw the latest edition of what used to be the Footprint guide to Rajasthan and Gujarat. Only now, Gujarat has been left out. There is no “preface to the second edition” to explain why Gujarat has been unceremoniously expunged from the book, but we can all guess that they no longer consider the state to be a viable tourist destination given that the state is still governed by the local equivalent of the KKK-Democrats of 1950s Mississippi and that (among other things) British Muslim tourists of local origin have been dragged out of their car and murdered; the case is still not solved.

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