Article on UK gun control

Much as I thoroughly detest the Tories and everything they stand for, I have to admire the recent move (so far only in the Daily Telegraph, a noted Tory paper) towards calling for better legal protection for people who defend themselves and their property against attackers. Today, in the Sunday Telegraph, there’s a piece which basically calls for UK gun control laws to be abolished, and starts with an incident in which a robbery which was foiled when police (who’d lost the keys to their own gun cabinet) actually had to borrow guns from members of the public! This shows one of the most depressing aspects of the modern democratic system (particularly its British variant): in order to get a particular policy, you have to vote for the politician which offers it, even if you hate the rest of his platform. In the recent London mayoral election, for example, all three main-party candidates supported the Olympic bid, which threatens to put concrete over Hackney Marshes. If we didn’t, well, we could always vote UKIP or BNP. I’m not in any hurry to go buy myself a gun, but I would appreciate the ability to carry the means necessary to defend myself if I’m attacked in the street.

The issue of gun control came up a few months ago on Sunni Sister, and one sister commented that she wasn’t against repealing the Second Amendment. I’ve heard remarks to the effect that of all the things we could import from the USA, the last thing is the “gun culture”; yet our state threatens to destroy our liberty by introducing continental-style identity cards, while sending our troops to assist in an American war. So rather than having the best of both cultures (the welfare and health services, civil liberties), we are heading towards a system where we have the worst of both instead.

We as Muslims should support all efforts to get rid of the oppressive weapons laws which exist in this country. The clincher is that they are the only way our community could protect itself and its properties from a riot, if one ever happened and the police couldn’t (or wouldn’t) protect us.

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