Gaunty on barrack-room lawyers

Did anyone hear the BBC’s loudmouth talk-show host Jon Gaunt rant on this morning about how everyone’s become a “barrack-room lawyer” who thinks they know everything? This was about a woman who was pulled up by the police for eating an apple while turning a corner, and was given a £30 fine, but insisted on challenging it, and lost. (How can you be in control when you’ve got an apple in your hand? Gaunt, a good driver can do that sort of thing, it’s called skill.) I recall Jon Gaunt acting the “barrack-room lawyer” when interrogating a woman from the mental health department responsible for an escaped mental patient in Enfield. On that show, Gaunt also had a go at some “oiks” who were shown on TV saying “who are the police to tell us what to do, innit?”, but saw nothing wrong in harrying a woman who clearly knew what she was talking about when he didn’t. Who’s the real oik, and who’s the real barrack-room lawyer, and who gets paid for it?

(By the way, Gaunty has recently professed admiration for Bill O’Reilly and says he has an ambition to work on Faux News. And this guy bad-mouths the London independent stations - independent in the same way as Fox is independent, no doubt. Why don’t the BBC give him the push as he’s clearly unsuitable for a public service broadcasting organisation?)

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