Anti-slander laws facing repeal

I never knew that some US states had laws specifically banning people from casting aspersions on a woman’s chastity, but according to the New York Times, Washington state does - and there is a bill under consideration to repeal it. (Hat tip: Ladies Against Feminism). I mention this here because, of course, Islam itself has laws which ban slander about adultery against anyone, with flogging as a penalty. And slandering a woman is so much more serious - after all, besmirching a woman’s reputation can get her killed in many places. Of course, those places don’t include Seattle.

I wonder why this article equates this law with a number of other absurd and, in some cases, unconstitutional laws which used to exist in some states: the ban on unmarried women parachuting on a Sunday in Florida, or on a man’s swearing in front of women or children in Michigan (how many parents have used four-letter words in front of their kids?). The fact is that the First Amendment specifically excludes “false facts”. Calling a woman a whore when she’s not isn’t the sort of free speech which the First Amendment protects.

And by the way, it’s women who are more likely to be called these sorts of things anyway! A man is likely to be called a “Casanova” or a “ladies’ man”, or be said to have “a way with women”. A woman is likely to be called a tart or a slag. Why on earth does a woman, who teaches women’s studies, want to repeal a perfectly Constitutional law protecting women from these sorts of sexist insults?

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