Evening Standard on ‘Muslim Boys’

There is a report in today’s Evening Standard (London) about a pseudo-Islamic criminal gang operating in south London. The report by David Cohen, Revealed: Rise of the Muslim Boys, claims that the gang’s hallmark is extreme violence, and that they have access to high-powered automatic pistols. (There is another article referring to them here.) The gang is said to intimidate imams into opening their mosques in the early hours of the morning so that the gang can pray, and to carry out “conversions” of local youths, particularly “feral” children without adult supervision, to Islam at gunpoint. At least one local young man is reported to have been murdered for resisting this “da’wah” in order to set an example to others.

This is how gang member Winston describes “conversion”. “You got to be Muslim to be in our group,” he tells me [David Cohen]. “If you not down [cool] with Muslim, we visit your home, maybe strip you naked in front of your f***ing mother, we put a gun in your mouth. We give you three days [to change your mind], then, if you not down with it, we f***ing blow [shoot] you.”

I don’t think you’ll be surprised to hear that this man is not really a Muslim.

When I ask Winston whether he believes in Islam, he prevaricates. “Sort of,” he says. “I converted when I was in prison. I found it relaxing, we got better food. Now we all go to mosque together. If I refuse, they blow [shoot] me, innit. I pray twice a day: before I do crime, and after. I ask Allah for a blessing when I’m out on the street. Afterwards, I apologise to Allah for what I done.”

Needless to say, the local Muslim community want nothing to do with him or his gang. Cohen reports that last month, the mosques in Brixton and Stockwell (two neighbouring south London suburbs) distanced themselves from the gang, calling themselves “criminals masquerading as Muslims”. Abdul-Haqq Baker, chairman of Brixton mosque (dominated by Madkhalite Wahhabis), said that this was a new phenomenon that he’d not seen in 15 years of being a Muslim. However, the article contains a misleading reference to the “shoe bomber” Richard Reid, who at one point was part of the Brixton mosque community. In fact, he had left that group well before getting involved with whoever put him up to the shoe bombing. The Brixton mosque group are well-known to be opposed to al-Qa’ida from pretty much every angle. (Their outlook is the same as that of Salafi Publications and TROID.)

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