Kilroy isn’t his party’s leader

The Independent is reporting that Robert Kilroy-Silk is, in reality, not the leader of Slurritas despite being its “star” and founder:

“The fact that Kilroy quit UKIP so very acrimoniously because they refused to make him leader means this is very peculiar,” says one observer. “It’s not even as though there are any serious legal implications to calling yourself leader of a party. It’s just a case of a bit of paperwork.” Veritas is instead headed by one Anthony Bennett, Kilroy’s researcher, whose other claim to fame is a pamphlet expounding the view that the Prophet Mohammed was a paedophile. According to details published on the Electoral Commission’s website, Mr Bennett holds three of the party’s four official offices. The fourth, that of treasurer, is entrusted to Alex Stevenson, who gave £10,000 to help Veritas get off the ground, having branded UKIP “undemocratic” for refusing to make Kilroy its leader.

It’s been pointed out that there is a proverb which goes “In vino, veritas” - in wine is truth - and Kilroy’s politics (see two entries down) are precisely the sort of “politics” which would be expressed in a bar late on Thursday night.

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