Yet another embarrassment …

There is an interview with Omar Bakri Mohammed on a website called Christianity Today, in which some bizarre claims are made about the status of the so-called “Magnificent 19”, i.e., the 9/11 hijackers. (One has to be circumspect because of the source, but it is consistent with some of what else I’ve heard, including from former members of Omar Bakri’s group.)

Again, speaking objectively as a Muslim scholar, and not inciting such acts, 9/11 was justifiable because America had no Covenant of Security with the Muslims, although Muslims in the U.S. are under a Covenant of Security whereby they may not act militarily against America. Only qualified scholars in fiqh [Islamic jurisprudence] could have planned this—because the 19 used non-Muslim aliases to enter the country (which legally allowed them to act in jihad).

When I heard about it, I prayed to God that no Muslims in America did it because such is haram [forbidden in Islam]. After Al Qaeda admitted responsibility, it was obvious that qualified ulema [Islamic scholars] were behind it. Thus, Al-Qaeda has revived the culture of terrorism in Islam after 200 years.

Perhaps this interview is a fabrication … or perhaps Omar Bakri really is a total and utter idiot. Because the hijackers lied their way into America, they avoid the Islamic obligation not to make war against the country that lets them in? Where does this nonsense come from?

By the way, I once met an al-Muhajiroun member in London who claim that OBL is somehow entitled to give out fatawa because of his ‘amal (actions), which is an innovative view if ever I heard one - of the thousands of Sahaba who performed jihad, only a relative few became authorities on Islam. Even Abu Hurayra (radhi Allahu ‘anhu), famous as a transmitter of hadeeth, is known to have transmitted opinions on Islamic law which were corrected by other Sahaba. OBL’s activities fighting the Russians definitely don’t confer on him the right to give fatwa.

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