Before I hit the sack …

A couple of online Flash animations have been released with anti-Kilroy songs, the lyrics of which are pretty amusing.

From Mr Tangerine Man (a reference to Kilroy’s penchant for artificial tans):

We’d prefer debating crazy people’s crazy lives, With the men who spank their wives, And the Headmaster who skives, And the labrador who drives, So it’s time that you admitted you were wrong now. Kilroy, won’t you sail back, through the Channel’s swirlin’ fogs And forget about the Frogs And the German sausage dogs, And the Dutch birds in their clogs And the Irish in their bogs, Daytime telly, that’s where you belong now.

Hey! Mr. Tangerine Man, go back on TV, There’s nobody hosts a chat show quite the way you do. Just after Teletubbies, that’s where you should be And the jingle of ‘This Morning’ will come followin’ you.

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