Look at the starey-eyed terrorist!

A scary picture of Saajid Badat, the monster from Gloucester

The BBC reports that a guy from Gloucester called Sajid Badat has been found guilty of conspiring to carry out a shoe-bomber type attack on a plane from Amsterdam to the USA. Let’s get all this straight: this man agreed to carry out the bombing, booked the flight, then had second thoughts, but the law makes you a criminal if you agree to commit a crime, even if you then pull out.

This is a trick the press commonly play with pictures of paedophiles, and people they want to look bad. They take a series of pictures, and keep the one which looks the most weird. But you’d think they would take into account the fact that this man may have turned his back on terrorism before even carrying out a single act of terrorism before using this not-so-subtle means of character assassination.

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