Prayer rugs? Arabic texts? Must be jihadis!

An amusing observation on Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch site:

An additional note about Arizona: last night after I spoke, a woman in the audience told me about a friend of hers who has a large place here in Arizona. Beginning over ten years ago, she began to find prayer rugs and Arabic texts on the grounds. This phenomenon, of course, has been widely reported — and this is just another indication of how long jihadists have crossed into the US from Mexico. If Babar Ahmed had been successful, they wouldn’t have had to travel far to get to a training camp.

So, because she finds Islamic paraphernalia on her property, it necessarily follows that the owners are jihadis. They couldn’t, of course, just be illegal immigrants using Mexico as a staging post, much as illegal migrants from all corners of the world, including Muslims, try and sneak across the English channel by stowing away on ferries. And none of them have so far carried out a terrorist act, much as none of his jihadis in Arizona appear to (how many of the 9/11 hijackers sneaked across from Mexico through your friend’s property, Bob?).

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