My letter’s in the Telegraph

Further to the recent couple of articles on special schools, my letter was printed in this morning’s Telegraph:

We must get a grip on special school closures

They’ve edited out bits of it, though. The middle of the letter actually went like this:

A lot of children, including myself, were sent to boarding schools quite unnecessarily, because they had difficulties affecting their school lives and parents unable or unwilling to allow them to “opt for home education” as Luke Jackson did. I still find it unbelievable that there was no school in London for academically able boys with social disabilities. For someone who could not stand spending a single night away from home at that time, you can imagine how traumatic boarding school was. The school was incompetently run, took on unsuitable pupils and staff who could not possibly have been qualified or trained, and tolerated public assaults on pupils by both staff and prefects. I also witnessed two displays of overt racism from the deputy headmaster. The school suddenly folded in early 1994, leaving pupils (who were assured the year before, when the school was “rescued” from closure, that the school was safe for three years) in the lurch.

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