Monster mice!

There’s a piece in today’s Guardian, Are you a man or a mouse?, about some scientists at Stanford University who have been attempting to cross human beings with … mice. They do this by injecting human brain cells into mouse foetuses, and allegedly they end up with mice which are “approximately 1% human”. They now want to follow this up with a 100% human mouse.

Jeremy Rifkin asks what would be the “ecological consequences” of mice who thought like people; the crackpot behind this, a “distinguished molecular biologist” named Irving Weissman, “says that he would keep a tight rein on the mice, and if they showed any signs of humanness he would kill them”, which just goes to show how much respect for human life these people have.

Rifkin notes that the first chimeric experiments took place in Edinburgh, where scientists produced an animal with a goat’s head and a sheep’s body. Now, they want to produce human-animal hybrids. But the “ecological consequences” are hardly the point. Take the “geep” for example: goats are browsers, while sheep are grazers. Goats eat bushes, not grass. So if a geep has the brain of a goat, it’ll eat bushes and then send them into a stomach designed for grass. That’s just plain cruel. But unlike a person, you can shoot a geep.

If they can do the same with people and mice (the difference between which is obviously much greater than between a sheep and a goat!), you won’t end up with a dangerous race of monster mice. You’ll end up with a seriously-handicapped human being. And when are they going to decide when the animal is human enough to shoot it? When its brain grows too fast to keep up with its skull? Or when it gets to about one-and-a-half years old and starts trying to talk in between gnawing at the bars of the cage? It just shows that when you reject God Almighty, nothing is sacred.

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