Arson attack on Worthing mosque

The mosque in Worthing, a town on the English south coast, has been hit by an arson attack:

The fire-bombers, according to members of the Worthing Islamic Society, broke in through the mosque’s back door and set light to a gas pipe they had cut. And if it wasn’t for worshippers turning up for early morning prayers, the mosque could have been burnt to cinders. Ali Abdul Rahman, chairman of the Worthing Islamic Society, said: “We are very sad someone could do this and we are just hoping it is not a racist or religious attack. “We are peace-loving people and we would hope if the people who did it would come and see us and talk to us we could help them and make them better people.”

Ma sha Allah, it’s amazing that someone could have such an optimistic view of mankind after an incident like this. It’s the second attack on this mosque in two months. (To be honest, I never knew there was a mosque in Worthing until I read this report.)

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