Security concerns? What security concerns?

Following the great news that the butcher of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, was denied a visa to enter the USA because of his record as governor of Gujarat, the BBC now reports that he’s called off a visit to the UK over so-called security concerns:

The prime minister’s spokesman Sanjaya Baru told Reuters that Mr Modi called to inform that he had postponed his visit.

“His security cover was not assured and there were apprehensions he might face demonstrations,” Mr Baru said.

Reports said human rights activists in the UK had planned to protest when Mr Modi visited the country.

A spokesman for two Asian rights groups in the UK told India’s The Hindu newspaper they were trying to obtain an arrest warrant on Mr Modi ahead of the planned meeting.

Speaking as one who attended the last anti-Modi demonstration (in the middle of a roundabout outside a conference centre in Wembley) in 2003, I can attest that the demo was no “security threat” and was in fact small and generally rather civilised. There was no police line and although people did enter the conference centre grounds, there was no violence and, as far as I remember, no arrests. Most (but not all) of the demonstrators were Muslims (with no jihadi element present), and we actually had a few Hindu sympathisers.

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